10 Common Misconceptions About Christianity

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10 Common Misconceptions About Christianity

1. It’s a religion with rules Christians have to follow.

2. God doesn’t mind Christians partying often and getting drunk.

3. If you don’t believe in Jesus, we hate you and don’t talk to us either.

4. The Bible is a history book to grasp the general idea of the belief.

5. If you go to church every Sunday you’re a Christian and will go to Heaven.

6. It’s similar to Islam and Judaism. They have the same general belief of who God is and what it takes to go to Heaven.

7. It’s okay to sin and do whatever you want on a daily basis; just make sure you ask for forgiveness before you sleep and you’ll be just fine.

8. There’s a political party that is accurately aligned with the Christian faith.

9. Once you sin be on the lookout for God’s punishment.

10. God is only present and available to communicate with on Sunday mornings in church.

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