Don’t Make God Flush Your Phone

» Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Humor

Don’t Make God Flush Your Phone

I spent Christmas 2010 in Southern California with my aunt’s family. I spent a little over three weeks in total.

One of my cousins 13 years old then, Rebecca, was on her phone about every hour of everyday, even possibly in her sleep. Her phone wasn’t a smartphone so she was pretty much texting her friends all the time. Whatever we did and wherever we went, she was always on her phone.

And for some very odd reason, God put on my heart to keep telling Rebecca that both her and I should fast our cellphones for just 24 hours. I was on my phone pretty often but wasn’t addicted or completely anti-social in a way. Anyway, so I kept telling Rebecca how she was using her phone way too much and if we fast our phones we’ll have a great time talking and playing together. I don’t think she bothered thinking about the idea.

So…. this is what God decided to do:

About a week before Christmas my aunt’s family friend dropped off  his three daughters to have a good time with Rebecca and me. I don’t think Rebecca was pleased with the plan because all three girls were younger than ten years old so they were “way too immature” for Rebecca. I don’t think my aunt wanted five girls in the house trying to play around so she decides to drop us off at an outdoor shopping center, which I was totally fine with me since all I had to do was walk with the girls and make sure they were all around me. Rebecca still kept using her cellphone all the time.

A bathroom run came along and the nearest bathroom was in Borders. We all went, and I walked into the stall next to the stall Rebecca was about to use. Everything was normal until,

*splash* -gasp-

“Oh my-” *flush* -GASP-

Yup, Rebecca was apparently using her cellphone while using the bathroom when it slipped from her hands, dropped in the toilet, and as she stood up to quickly find a way to pick it up the toilet automatically flushed and ate her phone. It was one of those toilets!

And of course God picks the day when three very young girls were with Rebecca to witness her freaking out how the toilet flushed her phone. Poor Rebecca…

However, God was gracious enough to have let this happen a few days before Christmas so her parents can buy her a new one after of course, a few days of unwilling fasting of cellphones! It was only then that Rebecca understood what I meant all along.

Smartphones are a great technology. I have an iPhone myself. However, I’m becoming increasingly disappointed at how smartphones are becoming a threat to social life in today’s society. If I’m having a conversation with someone and my phone vibrates or rings, unless it’s a real emergency then my text or call can wait. Smartphones and Facebook sure are making far friends near, but vice versa shouldn’t be the consequence. Therefore, to you who have awesome phones and have been using them more than you should be, myself included, reflect on your usage and social life. Reflect now or else God might flush your phone too!