Pray Like Bananas

» Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Faith

Pray Like Bananas

Here’s a picture of me holding a banana.

I’m on a stage in front of people. I’m giving a sermon. And I’m talking about bananas.

It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea in theory but then I got up in front of people, started moving my lips and talking about the history of the banana… and then felt like a blockhead.

  • Why am I holding this banana?
  • Are people getting bored with my stupid banana lecture?
  • Did I really think it would be clever to keep this banana in my pocket and then whip it out as a sermon illustration?
  • What was I thinking?

These are things that go through my head, standing with banana in hand. The words come out of my mouth but they’re nonsense. For some reason, everything I say sounds silly up here on the stage in front of mothers, teenagers, veterans, and children.

Did I mention I am holding a banana?

I think this is the way that many people feel when they pray.

They open their mouths to talk to God and every word that comes out sounds silly. All of a sudden they don’t know how to talk anymore.

Prayer is frustrating, confusing, exhausting. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s nice in theory, but is kinda like trying to breathe underwater.

I think I pray the best when I’m in my car.

If I pray in my room, I will fall asleep. If I pray on the couch, I will fall asleep. If I pray outside, I will walk around aimlessly and then go home and fall asleep.

But in my car, I can pray freely.

Sometimes I eat a banana in my car and pray at the same time.

Sometimes I apologize to God for not praying and then fall asleep.

Sometimes I’m free to pray and other times prayer sets me free.

It’s hard to explain the things that are in your head. Sometimes it made more sense up there then when you speak it out loud. I learned that the day I put a banana in my pocket and decided to go up on stage. But other times you just start talking and find yourself saying things that you never realized that were inside you.

I call that banana prayer.