Top 10 Bad Names for Our New Small Groups

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Top 10 Bad Names for Our New Small Groups

Groupthink, the wisdom of crowds, all-of-us-are-smarter-than-any-of-us.

You’ve heard it called by a lot of names: something happens to ideas when processed by a group of people.

The 360church leadership team took advantage of this principle recently when working on the launch of our new small group initiative. Among other issues, we had to decide what to call the groups.

So I proposed a collaborative game to our leaders: come up with the worst possible name for our small groups. If we flushed all the bad names out of our system, perhaps a residual good name would emerge!


Here are the nominees for worst name:

1. Koinonoinia Groups – No part of the alphabet says “incomprehensible” like the letter K, especially when it begins a word in a form of Greek no longer spoken anywhere.

2. Discussion Group of Discerning Disciples – This one has too many words to fit on our promotional business cards + an unhealthy level of alliteration.

3. Women of the Word – The women in the naming game begged us not to use this one.

4. CLC (Confession with Lots of Crying) Groups – The idea of tearfully confessing sins in front of people you hardly know just didn’t seem like a selling point.

5. Christians ‘R Us – Let’s count the problems here. First would be the Toys ‘R Us lawsuit. After that the name is Green Kryptonite to anyone who isn’t a Christian.

6. The Gospel Crusaders – Holy cow. Haven’t you seen Kingdom of Heaven? Militarism, imperialism, and inflammatory are just the beginning here.

7. Joyful Happy Time – No one would believe it.

8. Holy Sanctified Believers Alive – As opposed to dead Holy Sanctified Believers?

9. Advanced Christian Devotionals with TV Commentary and Mandatory Spiritual Journal Reflections – This is as bad as The Esoteric Members-Only Bible Study Group.

10. Small Groups – Really? Is the most important thing about them the fact that they’re little?


With our bad options exhausted, the name we’ll start with happened by accident: 360homes

The point is not that they are small.

The point is that we are studying the Bible with friends in homes.

If you would like to explore 360homes, just email us at

No bad names allowed.

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